As a young adult, Sick Girl Speaks didn't have any role models for making her way through the world with cystic fibrosis AND big hopes for her love/professional life.

This podcast was born out of the hope that bringing private conversations with real-life friends into the light of day will enable others with chronic conditions could see themselves reflected in the stories, ideas and challenges discussed.

Thank you to these seven interesting, funny and deep Friends who make this podcast worth its weight in gold. Sick Girl Speaks loves them and we know you will fall in love with them too.

Meet the Friends

Sick Girl Speaks has the most fun, sassy and loving friends! Get to know each Friend with these small clips showing off their insight, wit and brilliance.


Scott is a big personality who will make you laugh, shock you with his "TMI" stories and make you tear up when he shows his big capacity for love and caring. His radio-announcer voice will draw you in but the fun SGS has when talking to Scott will make you stay for the whole conversation. Scott is a podcast producer and if you want his professional help, you can contact him through the Podcast Authority Website.


Elizabeth has the biggest heart of anyone you will ever meet. SGS and Elizabeth have been besties since college where they went through the rigors of an intense acting conservatory. Since then, Elizabeth has traveled the world, won film festivals for her acting and filmmaking, and opened her own film company. Oh, and she's also been SGS's "ride or die" throughout all attempts at true love. Find Elizabeth here.


Beth, like SGS, has CF and has had a lung transplant. Beth is so fun and funny and smart she always makes the conversation lively and has great stories! She is a teacher, a Theater Goddess and an author. Keep up with all of Beth's big projects, writings and ideas via her website.


Tanya has an interesting story for everything! SGS and Tanya, or "Dr. T" as she jokingly asks to be called, met while on the speaking circuit and thus began their mutual admiration, collaboration, deep friendship and mutual love for Byron Katie. Tanya's work with Experience Based Co-design and substance use disorders is cutting edge. Find Tanya here.


Allison is one of the most grounded people you will ever meet. She is thoughtful, compassionate a laughs easily. SGS and Allison met working to amplify the voices of patients/families at a major academic medical center. Allison has gone on to work for a PhD and specializies in Humanities in Medicine. If you want to connect with Allison, you can find her here.


John is "more than just a Friend!" He is SGS's boyfriend and refreshingly open about his thoughts and feelings. If you don't want an honest answer to your question, don't ask John! He is kind, thoughtful, creative and funny. SGS and John are happily NOT married and plan to stay that way. John is an IT Guy Extraordinaire but, sorry! His services are not for hire.


Andrew is SGS's oldest friend, her first love and one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. He is well-traveled, well-read and highly opinionated! He will always surprise you with a new way of looking ideas and feelings. Andrew is a very successful hypnotherapist living in Portugal with his husband. If you want Andrew's help, you can find him here.